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Langdale Bark & Mulch



Bulk Delivery throughout Georgia and Florida available from 100-110 yards per truck.

2.5" - 4" Large Nuggets

Large Pine Bark Nuggets add a decorative touch to landscaping and aid in reducing soil erosion.  Because of their size, large nuggets last longer and break down slower over time.

1.5" - 2" Mini Nuggets

Mini Pine Bark Nuggets are primarily used for landscaping to help retain moisture in soil and for decorating walkways and paths as well as erosion and weed control.

0-7/8" & 0-1"Pine Bark

These sizes of Pine Bark are used for landscaping, in large containers and tree mixes to assist with drainage as well as being used as a top dressing.  The 0-7/8” size is also used as a soil conditioner.

0-1/2" Pine fines

Pine Bark Fines are generally used as a soil conditioner in gardens, flower beds and small container potting mixes.

Langdale Bark & Mulch draws heavily on the Langdale motto of Quality & Service – Since 1894.


Landscape Soils

Langdale Bark and Mulch also offers landscape and topsoil for flower beds and soil maintenance.  These products are low in pH, which is good for our acidic loving Southern landscaping plants and aid in providing nutrients to the soil.